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My personal journal is becky_h, my fic-journal is becky_writing, and my RP journal is Muses_Inc.

This journal is for fandom related things. My primary fandoms at the moment are Torchwood and Doctor Who Criminal Minds, House, and RPF, but primary does not mean only. I do follow and occasionally squee about other shots.

I read, write, rec, rant and meta. What I read and write is rated G-NC-17. I like het, gen, and slash. A lot of my what I write involves BDSM, and I talk about it quite a bit. If that offends you, you probably don't want to be here. I don't do OTPs. I tend to have one or two major fandoms and a bunch of smaller ones. I can stay involved in a fandom for years or be in and out in the matter of a week. I circle back to old fandoms fairly frequently. All of my meta posts are memoried and tagged. So are my writing memes, music, and fic recs.

If you want to friend me, friend me - no need to ask permission or even let me know you have, if you don't want. Think of it like a bar: as long as you don't pick fights with the regulars, you'll be welcome. Pick fights and act like an ass, and you'll find yourself escorted out, possibly after the bouncers smack you around. Not-so-clever analogies aside: 90% of my posts are public, and if you friend me I'll probably friend you back.

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